#fiatforkids: mission in space for Fiat 500 Colorbook

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    • #fiatforkids: mission in space for Fiat 500 Colorbook

      It is the anniversary of Apollo 13 Mission, and today Fiat offers a chance to all kids to fly in space with their fantasy, thanks to a new series of drawings of the project #fiatforkids that celebrates this special date.
      Children will actually color the iconic Fiat 500, that 50 years ago already travelled across the streets of the world.
      Parents and kids will spend some time inspired by this new creativity that has no real boundaries.
      The Colorbook can be downloaded at the Fiat Facebook page.
      Turin, April 17, 2020

      Pessimisten stehen im Regen, Optimisten duschen unter den Wolken.
      Manchmal höre ich auch auf den Namen Gerd ;)

      Mein Auto: 500X OFF ROAD 1.6 E-torQ, Panda Lounge 1,2 8V