CarBox by Leasys is born, the first on-demand car subscription in Italy

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    • CarBox by Leasys is born, the first on-demand car subscription in Italy

      • Leasys launches the first on-demand car subscription for non-continuous use of the car: Leasys CarBox.
      • CarBox, which can be activated online via vouchers on, comes in three packages: Compact, Medium and Large.
      • Vehicles can be rented for a period of 240 days in total per year to be used in a fractional way, even for 1 day only, or continuously depending of one’s needs.
      • Cars can be booked up to 24 hours in advance and reservations can be cancelled without any penalty no later that 24 hours before the planned pick-up.
      Turin, 29 March 2021
      Driven by the growth of the subscription economy, the mobility landscape is experiencing a rapid and continuous evolution. After the launch of CarCloud, the first car subscription in Italy, Leasys, a Stellantis brand and an FCA Bank subsidiary, introduces CarBox, the first on-demand subscription service designed for non-continuous use of the vehicle, to be rented only as needed. Thanks to CarBox it is in fact possible to have always a "ready to go" car available, to be booked when needed, paying a fixed monthly subscription fee.
      The service, which can be fully activated online, is available in three different packages: Compact (with Fiat Panda, 500, Lancia Ypsilon and Opel Corsa), Medium (which adds to the Compact package the 500L, 500X, New electric 500, Tipo, Fiorino, Doblò) and Large (including, in addition to the Medium package, the Jeep Renegade and Compass including the 4xe versions with hybrid PHEV engines, and the Ducato Van). By subscribing to CarBox, customers can rent a vehicle belonging to one of the three packages for a minimum period of 1 day up to a maximum of 240 days in total per year, to be used in a fractional or continuous way from activation of the subscription.
      A vehicle can be requested anytime up to 24 hours before pick-up and reservations can be either extended or cancelled without any problem.
      Subscribing to CarBox is a simple and completely digital process. Once the annual registration voucher has been purchased on for €99, and then converted on the CarBox website, customers can choose the garage to which they want to subscribe, register and book the first car, paying for a year a monthly fee starting from 219€, for a total of 240 days of flexible rental.
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