The Lancia ECV2 prototype stars in the “Fuori Concorso” event

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    • The Lancia ECV2 prototype stars in the “Fuori Concorso” event

      • The 17th-century Villa del Grumello in Como is hosting the 2nd edition of the exhibition that brings together passion for automobiles and the exclusivity of Made in Italy, in terms of culture and lifestyle.
      • This year’s theme is Turbo technology: racing cars and prototypes will be on display, alongside encounters with drivers and experts in the sector, including Roberto Giolito, Stellantis Head of Heritage for Alfa Romeo, Fiat, Lancia and Abarth.
      • In the spotlight, the Lancia ECV2 prototype from the Stellantis Heritage collection, a worldwide exclusive model that embodies the values of Made in Italy when it comes to technology and sportiness.

      Pessimisten stehen im Regen, Optimisten duschen unter den Wolken.
      Manchmal höre ich auch auf den Namen Gerd ;)

      Mein Auto: 500X OFF ROAD 1.6 E-torQ, Panda Lounge 1,2 8V