The brand with the Scorpion badge introduces the new “Abarth AR” app

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    • The brand with the Scorpion badge introduces the new “Abarth AR” app

      The new augmented reality app which "creates" a high-resolution, 1:1 scale 3D Abarth 124 spider model with exciting interactions is available from today.

      Today, brand with the Scorpion badge introduces "Abarth AR", the new augmented reality app starring the exclusive Abarth 124 spider, an adrenaline-packed car that guarantees all the driving fun that only a real roadster can offer.
      Available on the main markets across the EMEA Region and for downloading from the Apple Store directly to your iOS device, the new app confirms the great attention of Abarth towards technology. "Abarth AR" is an evolution of the current catalogues, allowing user-friendly browsing and immediate updates, in addition to creating an exciting immersive experience in the Abarth 124 spider.
      The new "Abarth AR" app can be used to "create" full-size model wherever you are. Simply point the camera of your device to a large surface to position a 1:1 scale, 3D model of the Abarth. You can walk around the car observing it from all points of view, open the doors to look inside, switch on the lights, sound the horn and even accelerate to hear the sound of the 1.4 turbo MultiAir 170 HP engine.
      The level of detail and the quality of the images is so high that you will feel you are actually looking at a real Abarth 124 spider. With the "Abarth AR" app you can choose the body colour you prefer, check the paired interiors and select the radio, transmission and headlight packs. Finally, you can take customised photographs next to your configured car in the location you prefer to share with your friends on your social medial profiles.
      Turin, 23 November 2017
      Pessimisten stehen im Regen, Optimisten duschen unter den Wolken.
      Manchmal höre ich auch auf den Namen Gerd ;)

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    • Irgendwann kommt noch die App "Auto kaufen"...und dann fällt der Händler ganz raus... :huh: :/ :whistling:

      Huldigt ihm, denn er ist es ... der einzig wahre Gott der Schwarzwald-Elche :saint:
      rrooaarr - ich hab´ den Tiger im Tank - rrooaarr ;)

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