#ROCKFUELED: Jeep® brand launches highly original online music project

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    • #ROCKFUELED: Jeep® brand launches highly original online music project

      • #ROCKFUELED pits six up-and-coming rock bands in unique online concept.
      • Project captures the spirit of the Jeep :00ae: brand and its commitment to the rock music scene and runs alongside its sponsorship of the Rolling Stones' 'STONES - NO FILTER' 2018 tour.
      • Each act will perform an original track aboard a Jeep Compass, with their performances shared on the brand's social media channels.
      • One band will have the chance to perform on the main stage at Camp Jeep 2018 at the Red Bull Ring in Austria from July 13-15.
      • The acts, drawn from each of the countries visited on the sell-out 'STONES - NO FILTER' tour, are Slydigs (UK), Free Money (UK), Odd Couple (Germany), The Midnight Revolution (France), Manon Meurt (Czech Republic) and L.Stadt (Poland).
      • Click here to watch the first #ROCKFUELED performance

      The Jeep :00ae: brand has today launched its most exciting music project to date - a unique and unconventional platform featuring some of Europe's hottest young bands performing inside a Jeep Compass Limited.
      The original project, #ROCKFUELED, will be aired across the brand's social media channels, with Jeep Owners Group (JOG) members able to vote for their favourite act. Click here to view the first performance.
      One of the bands will have the chance to play live on stage in front of Jeep fans at the hugely popular Camp Jeep 2018 - the largest Jeep Owners Group event - taking place at the Red Bull Ring in Austria between July 13 and 15.
      #ROCKFUELED will feature six aspiring young acts drawn from each of the countries the Rolling Stones will visit on their latest sell-out stadium tour - the UK, Germany, France, Poland and the Czech Republic.
      Each act will perform an original track on board Jeep's compact SUV, while driving through the streets of London - the city where the Rolling Stones formed - with the results being screened one-a-week on the Jeep social media channels.
      Run in partnership with Noisey - vertical of the Vice network - the unique #ROCKFUELED project was devised to capture the adventurous, ageless and truly international appeal of the Jeep brand and its commitment to the rock music while showcasing the user-friendly connectivity, advanced safety technologies and distinctive modern design of the Compass.
      The first band to perform will be UK Slydigs - a band that sprang from the roots of desperation where only the love of music can pull you through. Ten years before the guitars, before the gigs, before the guest lists, this band fought, laughed and cried together. They are brothers and you can see it, feel it, hear it in every note. They have a zest for life that shines through with every chord they play and sing. Songs that are relevant no matter where you come from or what social class you belong to.
      Next on the #ROCKFUELED lineup will be UK rock act, indie rock outfit, Free Money. Having only played a handful of shows since its formation in 2016, the band has already kicked up a storm, demanding attention. Their debut track Headful was the opening statement of a band already supremely confident in themselves. Living, loving and breathing together in East London, Free Money came to be with the intent to force their rebellious, punchy charm onto anyone within earshot or sight.
      Third up will be garage rock band Odd Couple, from Germany, an act whose members seem to be having the fun of their life while hammering away at their instruments. With three full-lengths out, Odd Couple are a mainstay in Germany and the UK, where they just played at the Great Escape Festival in Brighton.
      The Midnight Revolution, a dream pop/psychadellic rock act from France will be the next promising band to climb into the Jeep Compass. They liken their music to a trip in a time machine and there's a strong nostalgic element in what they do. Lys, their singer, has a voice that wouldn't have sounded out of place in a hippie commune in the 70s. The music beneath her voice, though, isn't as folky as one would expect. It feeds on the quiet of 90s dream pop, peppered with a pinch of psychedelia. They recently recorded a well-received live session for the prestigious US radio/YouTube Channel KEXP.
      The fifth band on the #ROCKFUELED lineup will be Manon Meurt (Czech Republic, genre: shoegaze - alternative rock). The structures they build are way more airy and permeable than what the tradition of the shoegaze genre taught us to expect, as their self-titled EP, which was officially published this year, can attest. Even though they're still starting out they have already toured all over Europe and developed a friendship with American punk legend Garrett Klahn, the singer from Texas Is The Reason, whom they supported as a backing band.
      Finally, the last band on the lineup will be L.Stadt (Poland, genre: rock, country, psychedelic rock). The band founded in Łódź in 2003 has released two studio albums, L.Stadt (2008) and EL.P (2010), and an EP You Gotta Move (2013). They received critical acclaim and were hailed the hope of Polish alternative music by major media in Poland. The band has also performed at major festivals in Poland and abroad, including concerts at Open'er Festival, PKO BP London Live at Wembley Arena, and SXSW in the U.S.
      Turin, 21 May 2018
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    • #ROCKFUELED: Jeep :00ae: startet originelles online Musik-Projekt

      • #ROCKFUELED setzt sechs neue und vielversprechende Rock Bands in ein einzigartiges online-Konzept.
      • Das Projekt entspricht dem Geist der Marke Jeep :00ae: und ihrem Bekenntnis zur Rockmusik-Szene und läuft parallel zum Sponsoring für die Rolling Stones 'STONES - NO FILTER' 2018 Tour.
      • Jede Band wird einen originalen Song an Bord eines Jeep Compass spielen und die Vorstellung wird auf den social media Kanälen der Marke geteilt.
      • Eine der Bands wird die Chance bekommen, vom 13. bis 15. Juli auf der Hauptbühne des Camp Jeep 2018 auf dem Red Bull Ring in Österreich aufzutreten.
      • Die Acts aus den Ländern, in dem die ausverkaufte 'STONES - NO FILTER' Tour gastiert, sind Slydigs (UK), Free Money (UK), Odd Couple (Deutschland), The Midnight Revolution (Frankreich), Manon Meurt (Tschechische Republik) und L.Stadt (Polen).

      Frankfurt/Turin im Mai 2018
      Die Marke Jeep :00ae: hat ihr bis heute spannendstes Musikprojekt gestartet - eine einzigartige und unkonventionelle Plattform, auf der einige der interessantesten jungen Bands Europas an Bord eines Jeep Compass spielen.
      Das originelle Projekt #ROCKFUELED findet in den Sozialen Medien der Marke statt, wo Mitglieder der Jeep Owners Group (JOG) ihren Favoriten wählen können. Link zur ersten Band-Vorstellung: youtube.com/watch?v=vx9hwhGeqdA&feature=youtu.be
      Eine der Bands wird die Gelegenheit bekommen, live auf der Bühne des beliebten Camp Jeep 2018 zu spielen. Dieses größte Event der Jeep Owners Group findet vom 13. bis 15. Juli am Red Bull Ring in Österreich statt.
      #ROCKFUELED wird sechs vielversprechende junge Bands aus den Ländern vorstellen, in dem die Rolling Stones auf ihrer aktuellen, ausverkauften Stadion-Tournee gastieren: UK, Deutschland, Frankreich, Polen und Tschechische Republik.
      Jede Band wird einen ihrer Songs an Bord eines Jeep Compass spielen, der durch die Straßen Londons fährt - der Stadt, in der sich die Rolling Stones formiert haben. Das Ergebnis wird dann jede Woche auf den social media Kanälen von Jeep geteilt.
      Die erste Band in diesem Projekt stammt aus UK. Die Band-Mitglieder von ‚Slydigs' sind Brüder. Auf ‚Slydings' folgt die zweite Band aus UK ‚Free Money', rebellischer Charme im Indie Rock outfit.
      Aus Deutschland kommt die dritte Band 'Odd Couple', die den Spaß, den sie bei ihrer Musik haben, deulich spüren lassen und die kürzlich auf dem Great Escape Festival in Brighton, UK, für Beachtung gesorgt haben.
      Es folgen 'Midnight Revolution', eine pop/psychadellic Rockband aus Frankreich, 'Manon Meurt' aus der Tschechischen Republik und schließlich ‚L.Stadt' aus Polen.

      Über die Marke Jeep :00ae:
      Mit über 75 Jahren legendärer Tradition ist Jeep :00ae: das authentische SUV mit klassenbesten Fähigkeiten, Qualität und Vielseitigkeit für alle Menschen, die außergewöhnliche Reisen suchen. Die Marke Jeep ist eine offene Einladung, das Leben in vollen Zügen zu genießen, mit ihrem kompletten Angebot an Fahrzeugen, die Ihren Besitzern die Sicherheit vermitteln, sich jede Reise zuzutrauen.
      Das Jeep-Produktangebot umfasst die Modelle Cherokee, Compass, Grand Cherokee, Patriot, Renegade, Wrangler und Wrangler Unlimited. Alle Modelle für Märkte außerhalb der U.S.A. sind als Links- und Rechtslenker sowie mit Benzin- und Dieselmotoren erhältlich.
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