eibach or hr or vogtland tipo "hatchback" owners pictures help!

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    • eibach or hr or vogtland tipo "hatchback" owners pictures help!


      Hello to you all,

      first of all,im from Belgium and my german is very bad, i do talk english and dutch , so hope i dont make to much mistakes here

      my question is ; i have my tipo now for 2 weeks; and i want to lower it soon, still doubthing if i will take h&r or eibach ( i think vogtland is maybe to low ?)

      i did look here around on the forum to find pictures from the Hatchback version of the tipo with a eibach or h&r suspension, most cars
      i find here are station wagons/break version

      so if would be possible to help me finding here on the forum a owner witch have a hatchback version of the tipo with a eibach or h&r kit on the car installed ?
      so i can see how its looking,

      i found few hatchbacks with lower suspension, but i cant find out if its h&r or eibach ? eibach should lower the car 25mm front and 25mm back,
      h&r 35mm front and 30mm back ,i prefer the 35 mm more, but the problem is for me, im looking for a suspension kit wich lowers the car front and back
      the same, so like eibach do but not 25mm more like 30/35 mm front and back, im affraid with the h&r kit the rear will be to much up compared
      to the front,

      i have the tipo s design in white, with the black 17 inch stock wheels ( but im looking also to upgrade the wheels to 18 inch....)

      ( and why they dont make "gewindefahrwerk" for the tipo, this would solve all my problems with finding the right suspension,)
      pls : eibach or h&r make a gewindefahrwerk for our tipo ;)


      : Fiat tipo S design 1.4 T-jet

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      Hello! Your english ist understandable!!

      Jessy and Diana have I think each the Vogtland set. They will give you more Feedback.
      Gruß, Jörg

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      Here is mine with H & R springs in it 35/30 and 7.5 x 18 inches ET 44
      • 20190602_181703-1843x1382.jpg

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