eibach or hr or vogtland tipo "hatchback" owners pictures help!

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    • eibach or hr or vogtland tipo "hatchback" owners pictures help!

      Hello to you all,

      first of all,im from Belgium and my german is very bad, i do talk english and dutch , so hope i dont make to much mistakes here

      my question is ; i have my tipo now for 2 weeks; and i want to lower it soon, still doubthing if i will take h&r or eibach ( i think vogtland is maybe to low ?)

      i did look here around on the forum to find pictures from the Hatchback version of the tipo with a eibach or h&r suspension, most cars
      i find here are station wagons/break version

      so if would be possible to help me finding here on the forum a owner witch have a hatchback version of the tipo with a eibach or h&r kit on the car installed ?
      so i can see how its looking,

      i found few hatchbacks with lower suspension, but i cant find out if its h&r or eibach ? eibach should lower the car 25mm front and 25mm back,
      h&r 35mm front and 30mm back ,i prefer the 35 mm more, but the problem is for me, im looking for a suspension kit wich lowers the car front and back
      the same, so like eibach do but not 25mm more like 30/35 mm front and back, im affraid with the h&r kit the rear will be to much up compared
      to the front,

      i have the tipo s design in white, with the black 17 inch stock wheels ( but im looking also to upgrade the wheels to 18 inch....)

      ( and why they dont make "gewindefahrwerk" for the tipo, this would solve all my problems with finding the right suspension,)
      pls : eibach or h&r make a gewindefahrwerk for our tipo ;)


      : Fiat tipo S design 1.4 T-jet

    • Hello! Your english ist understandable!!

      Jessy and Diana have I think each the Vogtland set. They will give you more Feedback.
      Gruß, Jörg

      Sei großmütig, sei groß, sei größenwahnsinnig und lebe ein großes Leben. 8)

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    • Here is mine with H & R springs in it 35/30 and 7.5 x 18 inches ET 44
      • 20190602_181703-1843x1382.jpg

        725,96 kB, 1.843×1.382, 145 mal angesehen

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    • Hello to you all tipo lovers ,

      its finally done, car is been lowerd on h&r springs,i will post picture in the galerie ;)

      its looking good :)

      just like i wanted, not to low, now i have to upgrade the wheels from 17 inch to 18 inch and in the future the exhaust will be done ( ragazzon full system)


      : Fiat tipo S design 1.4 T-jet

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    • Vogtland is the way to go if you want to look good, but then you also want the Bilstein sport (shorter version) springs sine the ride quallityis between unxomfortable and harsh from my experience on dather terrible roads. My friend has a factory S line suspension on his audi and it rides much much better with sport springs.
      As for the ragazzon, i also have the full kit, without the 200 cell doenpipe, whih i would love, and a gruppe N straight pipe in the middle

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    • Hello, @ tipo turbo ;thanks for the info

      i toke the h&r springs, the ride is ok but like you say on bad roads its pretty stiff, i think the eibach are better in that way, but they lower
      25mm so that why i toke the h&r kit, by the way he h&r on my car did lower in the back almost 40mm ( when hr they say 30mm back)
      and in front is 35mm like they say

      for the exhaust , the original cat will be not changed, i will take the oversized exhaust pipe 60mm ,groupe straight pipe in the middle, and the rear dubbel exahust pipe, ( just hope they will release a black color on the rear exhaust ( end - pipes in black instead of chrome color)

      so the cat i will not change,

      how is the sound from the exhaust ? do you have a sound clip ?


      : Fiat tipo S design 1.4 T-jet

    • there you go.
      The quallity is not that great and the weather was terrible for 3 weeks when i filmed, rain every day.
      I will make a new teaser when my car will be cimpletly modifed
      I still have a badykit planned, abarth badges and tinted windows and tail lights.
      Here is the video, the first 2 clips are bad quallity, it gets better later

      Mein Tipo: Hatchback Lounge T-JET 150 Ragazzon Komplett Auspuffanlage Schaltwegverkürzung Vogtland 45mm Tieferlegung