FCA takes part in the eMobility festival in Milan

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    • FCA takes part in the eMobility festival in Milan

      From 26 to 28 September, the Lombardy Region headquarters building in Milan will host the third edition of "e_mob, the e-Mobility Festival", with Fiat Chrysler Automobiles playing a leading role. As well as a round table discussion and a seminar, where FCA will be present to provide information about the activities it has launched with regard to sustainable mobility, in the covered outdoor area visitors will be able to admire the Fiat Centoventi, the Jeep Compass PHEV and the Fiat Professional Ducato Electric, the last two of which will already be available on the market with effect from 2020.
      The number of topics discussed during the three-day festival of electric mobility will be vast: first and foremost, how to make the new electric mobility easily usable and beneficial for customers, meaning the development of genuine solutions to simplify and increase the efficiency of charging procedure and times. This topic will be covered by companies working to supply domestic and business charging solutions, such as EnelX: FCA has recently signed two agreements with this firm and with Engie for the development of new electric mobility solutions, to support the production and marketing of the plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEV) and battery electric vehicles (BEV) envisaged by the Group business plan for 2018- 2022. Thanks to these agreements, the FCA sales network will be able to offer charging solutions and innovative services specifically designed for private and business customers. What's more, the programme includes the development and trial of new technologies to reduce the total cost of ownership of electric vehicles, to benefit the customer.
      The many topics scheduled for the three-day Milan event include an important discussion concerning the need to simplify the current procedures required for the installation of electric vehicle charging points in the communal areas of apartment blocks. Forecasts predict that this charging mode will be one of the most widely used by customers in the near future.
      The exhibition of vehicles is certain to prove just as interesting, starting from the Centoventi, the concept car that gives an innovative foretaste of the Fiat brand's guidelines, stylistic language and future technology for the next few years.
      Thanks to the hybrid technology also used for the Renegade, the Jeep Compass - in the brand's purest style - will further improve its capability with a higher torque, achieved through the combination of the two propulsion systems. What's more, the rear-axle drive will be provided not by a propeller shaft but by the dedicated electric motor, allowing the two axles to be separated, with the torque controlled independently and more effectively than in a mechanical system.
      On the other hand, the Ducato Electric - developed and designed to the FCA Group's most advanced quality standards - will be available in all body variants with the same load volumes as the current models. The electric version will be particularly suitable for professionals operating in specific areas of business (from online commerce to postal and courier services, home ready-to-eat food deliveries and local transport) who need to ensure access to city centres.
      Turin, 26 September 2019
      Pessimisten stehen im Regen, Optimisten duschen unter den Wolken.
      Manchmal höre ich auch auf den Namen Gerd ;)

      Mein Auto: 500X OFF ROAD 1.6 E-torQ, Panda Lounge 1,2 8V