The Talento MY 2020 is here, the perfect combination of agility and performance

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    • The Talento MY 2020 is here, the perfect combination of agility and performance

      With new Euro6d-Temp engines, new interiors and new connectivity, the Fiat Professional model has been renewed to reassert its point of strength in load capacity and comfort
      The new Talento Model Year 2020 is here with new 2-litre, Euro6d-Temp engines and many new features in the cabin, including a 7" Touch-Radio Nav infotainment system that is Apple CarPlay ready and Android AutoTM compatible via a dedicated app. The qualities that made it the ideal workmate for professionals in cities and out have been confirmed, such as top of class Load Capacity and cabin functionality. The innovations of the MY 2020 will certainly contribute to consolidating the success of the model that during the first six months of the year marked a growth in sales volumes of 13% compared to the same period of 2018.
      New Euro6d-Temp engines, up to 11% more fuel-efficient
      A major innovation of the MY 2020 Talento is the introduction of the new 2-litre EcoJet engine, which complies with the Euro6d-Temp standard and is characterised by fuel-efficiency improved by up to 11%, with better power and torque than the previous 1.6-litre engine. Available in three different power ratings (120 HP and 320 Nm, 145 HP and 350 Nm and 170 HP and 380 Nm) and with peak torque already available at 1500 rpm, the engine is equipped with a variable geometry turbocharger for a smoother ride and brilliant performance at low speeds to the benefit of fuel efficiency in real use. Thanks to its electronic control, the new turbocharger can adapt its fluid dynamics to engine speed and driving style to provide the right supercharging at all times. Furthermore, the engines implement Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) technology that abates nitrogen oxide emissions by injecting a solution of AdBlue :00ae: into the exhaust gas. Finally, the engine range of the Talento MY 2020 is completed by the compact 1.6 EcoJet Turbo 95 HP with S&S and 260 Nm, also with variable geometry turbo and SCR technology.

      Comfort and functionality for trouble-free travels
      Inside, the Talento MY 2020 is designed to provide ultimate comfort and excellent ergonomics, with rugged fabrics and well-shaped seats, which guarantee comfortable seating for all passengers, and the perfectly positioned steering wheel and controls which make everyday driving more relaxing and safer. In particular, the new Black interiors have been refreshed to create an elegant and functional ambience that is appropriately complemented by the numerous storage compartments - with a remarkable total capacity of 90 litres - and "Mobile Office". Upon demand, this practical and intelligent solution includes an innovative reclining central seat, fitted with a foldaway table, opening backrest with storage compartment and document storage pocket.
      Volumes and lengths to meet all professional transport needs
      Available with a full range of body types (low roof and high roof van, people mover, crew cab and floor cab), the Talento MY 2020 comes in two lengths, two heights and two different wheelbases. By combining these elements, the renewed model can be tailored to meet all needs for light transport, from 5.2 to 8.6 cubic meters and with a gross vehicle weight from 2.80 to 3.05 tons and a payload that can reach 1,266 kilograms. More in detail, by opening of the "CargoPlus" partition situated under the passenger seats, professionals can carry objects measuring up to 3.75 metres in length (4.15 metres for the long wheelbase trim level). The extraordinary flexibility is guaranteed also by the threshold height of just 552 millimetres and the width of the 1030 millimetres sliding door (placed at 100 millimetres from the floor). The load volume equals 5.2 cubic metres in the short wheelbase trim level, 6 cubic metres in the long wheelbase trim level and a generous 8.6 cubic metres in the long wheelbase and raised roof trim level; this means that the Talento MY 2020, even in the short wheelbase trim level, can carry three Euro pallets.
      Infotainment that is Apple CarPlay ready and Android AutoTM compatible
      The new Talento MY2020 also features the best in infotainment by fitting the new 7" Touch-Radio Nav device which is Apple CarPlay ready and Android AutoTM compatible. Equipped with USB input and DAB radio tuner, the system also offers navigation function and Bluetooth :00ae: technology for hands-free phone use. Furthermore, Apple CarPlay shows road directions optimised according to traffic conditions and can be used to make and receive phone calls, send and receive text messages and listen to Apple Music, audio books and podcasts while remaining focused on the road.
      CarPlay also implements Siri voice control and is specifically designed for use in driving scenarios.
      The system is compatible with Android AutoTM as well, to continue the Android experience in the car, by "projecting" apps and services on to the central display. It is designed to make retrieving information while driving easy and safe. The drivers can use Google MapsTM or Waze to obtain route guidance and easily access music, multimedia contents and their favourite messaging apps. To learn more about Android Auto compatibility:

      Android Auto, Google Play and Google Maps are trademarks of Google LLC.
      Apple CarPlay is a registered trademark of Apple Inc.
      Turin, 8 October 2019
      Pessimisten stehen im Regen, Optimisten duschen unter den Wolken.
      Manchmal höre ich auch auf den Namen Gerd ;)

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    • Das soll der scudo nachfolger sein. Aber ganz ehrlich, die niere ist das letzte. Du bekommst keine teile ohne ewig warten zu müssen und wenn dann sind sie überteuert. Die stoßstange löst sich ab ca 140km/h regelmäßig ab, die motoren halten einfach nichts aus und sonst das innenleben find ich persönlich einfach nur hässlich und unpraktisch. Schon alleine das es keine temperaturanzeige gibt ist grußelig. Wir haben schon 2 motorschäden aufgrund von fehlenden kühlwasser und damit verbundender überhitzung. Die lampe kommt nämlich erst wenn es zu spät ist. Schon alleine um den anlasser zu wechseln zerlegt man die halbe front :thumbdown:
      Hüte dich vor sturm und wind und autos die aus frankreich sind. :D

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    • Achso, was ich vergessen habe. Wenn man den biturbo hat kostet einer dieser turbos 5000€, bei einem turboschaden wechselt man mit sicherheit beide. Heißt 10.000€ nur die turbos. Man muss dabei den motor ausbauen, heißt massig zusätzliches material und dichtungen. Summasumarum für alles ca 14000€, heißt nach der garantie ein wirtschaftlicher totalschaden. Einfach nur eine dumme karre :thumbdown:

      Mein Tipo: Tipo Kombi 1,4 T-Jet, Lounge, freundliches Schwarz, komplett ausgestattet